Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hurray for Love!

I was listening to "Chiu Stream" this past half hour. 'Cause Bobby Chiu was interviewing his other half- Kei Acedera- who's art makes me very happy. I was listening - sketching- and started sketching her- she's far cuter than my sketch! But she was shy.. and he finally gets to the point about them being a couple - a POPS the question!! So sweet! - sigh. L'Amour.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

All in a dream...

Last night I dreamt about a little girl who had a pet wooly mammoth. It was found in her backyard frozen and defrosted. So she kept it. Having a wooly mammoth as a pet presents a lot of issues - with the neighborhood kids- with the school - in the house- and forget about the cat. It was a great dream.

Yesterday's Snow Day Doodle

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's 2010 for a while already!

Hello blog. I have been neglecting you. So sorry - Life has gone into over drive. The holidaze over-BAM! -into 3 projects for three months.

Project - Top Secret -for now.. an illustration one. Here are some sketches of a character design that was rejected. I will post more about this when it's over.

Project Two - I'm bringing the talented Jarrett Krosoczka in to Lynbrook N.Y. - to wow! the kids at Marion Street School!! It's Parp week- "Parents as reading partners". Lots of bulletin boards to fill with Lunch Lady fun!

Project Three - Our new house in Amherst MA. It's our "Escape from New York" - sans Kurt Russel. It' s a fixer-upper of the 250 year old kind. Holy Mackeral we have bitten off a lot! -But it's wonderful!!!!! It's on a three acre farm we share with one neighbor. Wooded and situated off the beaten path but near all of the great things to do in the Pioneer Valley. We have already had great weekends up in Northampton and Amherst. It's gonna be fun! I am decorating the house in a fun - non traditional way. I will nod and wink to it's age- but this is my chance to fill a small home with the fun. Brimfield here I come!!

So- I may be blogging a bit less until April. But I will have lots to share then!