Thursday, September 25, 2008

IF "Clique"

We can't all be born thoroughbreds. Some of us are the cute- short- round - tenacious donkeys of the world. Cliques that look down on others cause they're different - they are the real jackasses.

Friday, September 19, 2008

The result of poor planning...

back when i was watching the Olympics- I started doodling on Photoshop- The sky- the temples...China's amazing aesthetic was invading my brain..and I liked it. I was very happy about the idea- the moon festival when chinese kids light floating candles... I was happy with the non-typical of me composition... But I didn't sketch first-I was just winging it. And then I wanted to add the kids... these have to be version 7 and 8 of the kids..... usually, I draw the characters first - then have to create the enviroment for them.. usually producing a not so cohesive image... Here - I did the opposite, stepped out of the comfort zone.. and it's driving me CRAZYYYYYYY! Version 7 :

These are very Small World looking- way simple. And I'm playing with texture and brushes- and they look like felt...

Version 8:

I tell ya- i'm not happy with either... and you should have seen 1,2,3,4 and 5- (6- I don't want to talk about)


I'm going to get off of the computer and back to the sketchbook.- Scan in a drawing that I'm happy with. If it ain't broke...

Sisters Unite!

School House Rock - I freakin' love it!

Monday, September 15, 2008

IF "Island"

In 1722 - Dutch explorer -Jacob Rogeveen landed on an island in the South Pacific, on Easter Sunday. Can you imagine his surprise to find.... all of those big heads?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


It's here again. My birthday.

I am not fond of my birthdays. Maybe because once your over 16, it's just not so magical. Once you're a Mom - someone else's birthday is magical.

Also- I seem to be an enigma to my husband , who is a deer caught in the headlights from Aug 11th - Sept 9th every year. Petrified of buying me the wrong gift - he usually panics and buys no gift. Last night he hollered at me, "why do you have to be so picky?" - And I hollered back "I am non-generic! You should be happy to have fallen in love with a non-generic person! I am very specific! I like what I like!" - But I suppose, he can't just go to the mall or Target and find antique radios, old coloring books and saddle shoes. I gave him ideas: singing lessons - I love to sing and have always wanted to do it on the stage- but I want an expert to tell me if I suck or not- so I don't humiliate myself. I also suggested a piece of art for my naked wall above the mantle. Remember, I said I painted skydiving pigs onto the one I was doing.

So - Last night, while reading up on the blogs i enjoy - I found this on the Character Design blog.

I decided to bid as my birthday gift from hubby - if I win, I can help this beautiful baby and his family out - and have one amazing sketchbook. If I loose - I've helped drive the bidding way up- and still have helped this family. If you would like to bid too- please do! Follow the Ebay link!

This morning, I was surprised to see a Happy Birthday message in my blog roll. Noah Ginex- the pupeteer from BNL's "Pollywog in a bog" - was very kind to do this:

So- today- tho' I woke up to a bad hair day- and rain... it's turning out to be a good b'day!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Busy on stuff I can't show..

For your viewing enjoyment....

Do you believe they got away with Minute Mouse?