Saturday, May 31, 2008

If "Baby" part deux

I've got a lot of baby art.

Friday, May 30, 2008

IF "Baby"

Don't we all want to wrap them in bubble wrap for the rest of their lives... wrap the bike.. wrap the car.. wrap the heart...

Goodbye Great Gazoo..

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Farting around...

I'm sitting here procrastinating.

I have to dive back into the book dummy - but first, here's some old stuff. These are from Ships and Dip 3

This is Sean Nelson from Harvey Danger. He was AMAZING to watch. Like a singing "Swedish Chef" from the muppets... his hands had a life of their own. Always moving- on the collar, on the jacket, on the mike, off the mike, on the glasses, on the hair... He also was a baby faced monolith of a man. His song "Pike Street to Park Slope" -a capella-was a show stopper. My honeymoon was on Pike Street, my husband's business is in Park Slope  and he dreams of opening a little repertoire movie house or somethin'...  Also, he sang a Monkees song! A rare one. "Someday Man" Ok, it's a Harry Nilsson song, but Davy Jones sang it, but Sean sang the hell out of it. He and Steve Page did a Paul McCartney songbook thing- which honestly- I didn't love most of it. BUT- Steve sang No More lonely nights-highlight- and Sean sang Maybe I'm Amazed, so I forgive the Paul bashing.

 I don't have this drawing anymore- which makes it pretty cool. This is the other Sean on board Ships and Dip, Sean Cullen.  Leigh and I saw his show, which was all about his day on the island of Grand Cayman. The gift shops were full of tacky island of "Tortuga" stuff. And there was some pirate named big black dick- no joke. But he did a very fun stream of Sean Cullen's conciousness bit about the Tortugan rum cake pirates who carry tote bags to keep their hands free. Then he went snorkeling and was sexual assaulted by sea turtles.

He is a very cute man. (I can still look at the menu, I just can't order) He is not too tall(Leigh's six three no wonder my neck always hurts-I'm 5 '2") Sean Cullen is a cute, Irish, dark haired bright blue eyed funny man (who can sing reallly well). A better looking, thinner Jackie Gleason- (who I love.)

Anyway, I did this sketch the morning after the show and hung it on my door. Went about the cruise..doo dood-do.. Last night, he's signing his cd's in the gift shop. Leigh says, Let's go get one, maybe you want to give him your sketch?-I think why would he want this silly drawing?-ok?! What the hell. We go in and get a cd and 2 rum cakes-ask him to sign them, and as I take the sketch out of my bag, he takes a note out of his pocket. 
He had a note in his pocket for me?! He had seen the drawing on my door and was writing to ask for a copy of it. Strange moment of wacky weird coinky--dink-ness.  So this is now his and that makes me happy.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Welcome to your life... there's no turning back....

Woke up this morning and for a change - put on an OUTFIT. Not jeans and a t shirt and checkered vans as usual- grown up clothing. And new shoes. Did my hair and make-up. My husband took the daughter to school and we drove to Brooklyn together. A nervous subway ride later. I went to meet an agent.
The agent reached out to me after the New England SCBWI conference. (Seriously- someone has sprinkled me with pixie-dust lately)  I've been trying to create a book dummy- while simultaneously co-writing the story while sketching other story ideas and writing other story outlines to show the agent I am not just a one-image wonder. I've got stories in my head - and the ability to tell them.

The meeting was positive. The agent was friendly and helpful. Lots of good advice, - and I believe, some interest. It's going to be an ongoing starter relationship (no contract - just talking): my working hard on these dummies, showing the continuity in the characters, ability to tell a story.. finishing some color-ups- and sending it back to the agency. I really consider myself lucky to have this opportunity even if nothing comes of it. What a great chance to get inside knowledge on the inner workings of the children's book publishing world. 

Points made by agent: 
1. Still hearing that my stuff looks very animated (I have no idea how to do anything about this.. it's the way I draw)
2. Need to break out of the frame - work looks like it's designed for TV(heard that before too-I totally agree)
3. Change website (like yesterday) - I'm getting right on that...
4. Edit portfolio
5. Join critique group-(trying to choose between Patchoque or Brooklyn)
6, educate myself more on what is selling - what works- why it works in children's books.

So it's back to the drawing board. Fleshing out the good stuff... editing out the stuff that was good at the time, but doesn't serve me well anymore. All in all, it was a good day, except for the new shoes, they killed my feet. 

I kept singing that line in my head from the Tears for Fears song everybody wants to rule the world... "Welcome to your Life ... there's no turning back..." all morning alternating it with "I'm Gumby dammit!"  -Strange way to psych myself up, I know, but it worked. And it's true, I've been brave enough to jump off of the starting block and dive in - now there's no turning back- I'm swimming... freestyle.... 

Friday, May 16, 2008

"Slow down you crazy child..

.. and take the phone off the hook and disappear for awhile..."

In this case, take the blog off the hook. And the reading of too many great blogs...

I'm gettin' busy, be back soon. 

Friday, May 9, 2008

I don't know how I missed this.

Ollie Johnston

The last of the nine old men and one of the most amazing animators passed away last month. In my crazy chaotic life I didn't hear about it. If you can, watch this dvd:

Their story is not just one of two talented artists but of a lifelong friendship. I will always think of him like this:

As Rufus from The Rescuers.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

sketchy sketchy sketching

More of my messy sketches. I actually understand all of those scribbles. I know they need work and my perspective's funky.. but they're not too bad. I'm whipping out some ideas. This is called "smells like science". It was inspired by a friend's daughter who declared "Smells like Science!" when visiting Jersey City's Liberty Science Museum. Actually, Claire, that's eau de New Jersey.

The one above is the result of watching too much Top Chef and growing up in a family restaurant. Since, I have to think of stuff to draw..I tell myself stories as I do. This would be a story of a New Orleans family restaurant...the "Etoufee Cafe" and how thru the hurricane the restaurant kept life going. Soon, I will start writing some of these stories in my head and disappear for awhile. 

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Art is long and Time is fleeting....

Such a fun day that went so fast. We spent the afternoon at the BNL Barnes and Noble show for the Snack Time cd release.

The three of us got to have reserved seats(yay!), then a nice woman from Nettwerk; Danielle, said she would take us in to meet the band. Walking in I was all hand out, smile on the face, "Hello Ed!".... shaking their hands. Then... in my brain crickets chirped- if I opened my mouth all that would have come out was "I got nuthin'" Then Tyler, all smiles said to me, "This is my head!"- referencing my re-draw. Whew- thank God he's funny, snapped me out of a big dumb silence. Then I remembered I have a kid. AND she's standing behind me. They were really nice to her. They signed the artwork to Maggie and signed a print to go back to Nettwerk. Then, Steve told me he has my Bartles drawings as his computer wall paper. ????????

----Gobsmacked. Struck dumb again.

The show was fun. I loved, LOVED the drawing song Kevin wrote. Did I say I LOVED it! ? I wish I wrote it. I wanted to ask him about his art... but there wasn't a chance.

We bought a book for Mags to get signed. Ed told Maggie the first girl he ever liked was named Maggie. Mags asked me a lot about Kevin because she plays piano too. She's sure he can play 25 instruments at least. I asked if he could pose for a pic with her, and he happily did and she was thrilled. She sang/rapped the lyrics all the way home.

They are as talented as they are gracious and warm and friendly. And that's quite a lot. The key to their art being long lived and their fans loyal.

I'll be smiling for days...

Monday, May 5, 2008

Almost there..

Gotta run to Kinkos to make prints for BNL show tomorrow in NYC... Almost done, may shrink image on back to allow room for address/stamp. I like it a lot more now, Thanks Gina!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Less is more..

Gina Perry had some good suggestions ... lookin' better?

Another Postcard...

Done and I don't know how I feel about it.