Friday, January 30, 2009

Accentuate the positive? I try- but today... blech.

Today sucked. I have to process it- for if I write about it now... it won't be pretty.

Gina gave me an award tho! Thanks- lady about to have a baby! -Sending good baby vibes your way!

So tagged for 7 things I love;

1. My 9 year old daughter's singing voice- a natural-perfect pitch.
2. chocolate- but I also hate it- but I love it- and I hate it.
3. Cartoons
4. Disney - TAKE THAT! GD Panel review people!
5. Good drawing skills
6. Grand Central Station- I walked up into and stopped in my tracks and gawked. Stun-ning.
7. BNL- I will see them Sunday - I will raise a fruity drink and toast Gina - well woman wishes- on your new journey as a mother.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Graphic Novel Workshop

Friday's Illustrator intensive has a graphic novel workshop- I am very excited for this. we had to write 1/2 page or so from a childhood memory. So this is certified 100% true story :

Schnerrrg. Schnerrrg.

It’s so quiet, I can hear the dog snoring down the hall. Is that the dog? Maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s an alien

coming to abduct my brother. I hope they take him and not the dog.

chtick. chtick. chtick..

Boy that clock is loud. I hate that clock - I wanted a Snoopy clock. Mom had to get Holly Hobbie. She

should put it in her room. I wonder what time it is. It’s really dark. All I can see is colored spots

in the dark. They kinda of look like...eyes. Red eyes. Like the Jersey Devil in the movie at

school... jersey dev - I’ll close my eyes now... sleep ...sleep...sleep...

ka-thump. ka-thump. ka-thump.

What’s that?

ka thump. ka thump. ka thump. ka thump.

Foot steps! Big ones. Really big ones...... louder now, coming... from........ where?

Ka Thump. Ka Thump. Ka Thump.

Outside - down the block - near Jenny’s house. They’re big. Dinosaur big. Like on the Land of the Lost.

KA THUMP KA THUMP - Tyrannosaurus Rex!!! Blanket on head - Scotty Dog - you’re the look out!



don’t breathe -don’t move - it’s right outside the window and T Rex can see in the dark....... and sense movement.....

got too keep still........

Mom : “What are you doing under the bed? It’s time for school!”

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I got a bad feeling about this...

It's done for now, I don't want to look at this anymore - I'll come back to it later after the conference.....

Spot Illo - when your kid says-" the characters don't look the same. Look at how her eyes are set.."- Either you must redraw or send your kid to their room. I redrew. This is the revision - still a little off? - Not much time left... gotta get stuff printed in the next 2 days.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Another One bites the Dust

Finished- and very happy with it. I'm going to do a spot with 2 of the same characters- back to work.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Blocking in color

trying to go softer - gotta get away from the "animated-still" look I get accused of... more "picture-booky.."

Sprinting to the finish...

I needed some pretty in my portfolio. Yes- I enjoy being a girl, but I tend towards the less frilly/soft side of art. Unless - I step back in time. I am a huge historic costume nut. Back in 7th grade I did a huge paper about the history of fashion for social studies - completely illustrated.I got an A - and I still have it. I should post some of my art from when i was a kid- it's good for a laugh.
If I can find the time- I'd like to do a series of illustrations of my favorite fashion eras. Today - if a dress is from a designers past season - they slap "vintage" on it. Drives me nuts. It should be like antiques - has to be older than 25 years old to be called vintage. - Wait.. that would make me a vintage antique..

Sunday, January 11, 2009

BNL Cruising again...

A poster for the door - on the boat - on the sea - where we shall be come Feb 1st. Me and Hubby and the 5 guys who've been making good music for 20 years.

Inspired by the speech in Henry V = "We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;..." - by Will Shakespeare

Friday, January 2, 2009

It is done. for now.

Got it in today to the SCBWI submission... I have no idea how many hours I worked on this. I may have slept 19 hours all week. -I still want to tweak it. But I'm pretty happy with it. 3 down - 3 to go before the conference...