Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hang a wish from me on your Christmas tree

The Verriest of Merriest to all of you! My wish is for the best to you in 2011. Thanks for coming here,  chatting up my art and a special Thanks! for supporting Ripple.   I can't imagine being where I am today if I hadn't started this blog and connected with so many wonderful people.  Next year I'll try to find new ways to shake things up.  - In the mean time, pass the cocoa and cookies and turn on the Nat King Cole Christmas album. -Cheers!-Kelly

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Birthday my half-way Girl!

 Half way. Half way between mary janes and high heels.  Half way between fairies and flirting. Half way between holding my hand and letting go. Half way to being the person I always knew you would be - a caring, creative, book worm with a head of golden curls and a heart of gold.

Mags turns 11 today. We're celebrating at the Harry Potter Park in FL. Today- we stay on the kid side of half way and drink tons of butter beer!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Holiday Gift over @ The Sketchables!

I decided to share with you some sketchy characters for the holidays. Have you ever re-gifted?
Been the re-giftee?

I have re-gifted wine. (Un-opened (yes-un-opened!))

There is a crock pot from 1974 that resurfaces in my family some years. It has a red brick motif... I am always afraid it's my year when a big box comes from the UPS man!

Go to The Sketchables- find the link and download high res art!


I was 10 and at tap class getting ready for the Holiday Show, When Margie, my dance teacher came in crying- and said John Lennon had been shot. I don't know how many girls knew- or cared, but my brother and I had been buying Beatles albums with our allowance since I was in kindergarten and we saw Yellow Submarine on TV. By the time I was in college- my walls were covered with his face and his music was always on. I danced to him at my wedding. His picture hangs above my studio door. - It's just never made sense that a man who asked for Peace died the way he did, but He wouldn't want the world to dwell on that- He'd want you to go out and ask for Peace too.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Rejected: My Christmas card sketch

Now Santa was supposed to look - annoyed... tired..... bored.... longing to be elsewhere.....

However- perception was "creepy" "unappealing"

Little girl was supposed to look angry- nasty - in a foul mood - "Naughty"

Perception- "cold" "afraid Santa is going to do something inappropriate to her"

So-  hmmmmmm. Scrap that. Back to the drawing board!

I love his feet tho.