Friday, March 14, 2008

Poodles in Blu

Today, while up in the attic, the phone rang. The machine didn't pick up. After 9 rings, I reached the phone only to hear it click-hang up. I checked the caller I.D. and it said "Poodles in BLU".

I kid you not. "Poodles in Blu"!  How funny! It was a Long Island number. I said "Jabba- it was for you- Poodles in Blu called!"  All day, I've been thinking about poodles in blu. Could it be a canine secret law inforcement agency? A puppy jazz quintet?  ... But as I  thought on.. hmmm...I decided it was a call girl agency! "Poodles in Blu Doggie Escort Service" was calling  and my golden retriever was client number 9! He 's been so secretive lately, carefully hiding treats in holes all over the yard. I'll stop there.. it's too funny and your minds can do the rest.. Funny..

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