Monday, June 16, 2008

God must be bored..

...and in need of good company. First, I spend the weekend all teary because of Tim Russert. I'm not a big fan of current politics, but he made it enjoyable, understandable and held their feet to the honest fire.

Now Stan Winston. This guy was a modern day Michaelangelo of movie making magic. I can't measure my admiration for imaginations like his.

I'd like to think God's like Charlie Rose. Now at a big round table in the clouds; there is a pretty cool conversation going on.


c.g.young said...

If you do what you love, be passionate about what you do and clever enough to find a way to share that enjoyment with will be missed.

Both Tim & Stan had it figured out.


Kelly Light said...

- that's true! Well said C.G.! I'm anxiously awaiting buying my Toast book!