Friday, July 18, 2008

The new sad

By now- people who come and read this blog know I'm a big BNL fan. So- I'm going to make this short. Steven Page was arrested.
I've told Maggie- my 8 year old - He's a good person; who made a bad choice - and now he has to face the consequences.

Sad for all involved. Sad for being naive. Sad for Mags and no Disney show. Sad about deciding to not go on the cruise next year.

He told me, he did read this blog at one point and liked my sketch of him. If you (Steve) ever read it again - I meant it, you made a few bad choices -but you're a good person , be accountable- and see you have so much good around you. Grab on tight to the good and don't let go- pull yourself up- dust yourself off- start all over again. 'Cause you mean a lot to many.

- and I'd like to smack you- right in the punim.


idragosani said...

I read about the arrest yesterday and was wondering what you'd thought about it.

Kerrie said...

Well said.

AWells said...

Ah, I'm sorry about this. It's always upsetting when people we admire let us down. But like you said- people make mistakes, and if you can learn from them, thats what counts. :hug:

Gina Perry said...

You have a way with words Kelly.

To turn a sad situation a little brighter, I just nominated you for a brillante weblog premio award (ooohhh) - if you haven't gotten one already check it out over on my blog. One of the things I really like about your blog is that it's not just about work, it's a picture of you and the things you love (and hate!) There's always something insightful to read or something beautiful to see.

Kelly Light said...

Wow! Thanks Gina! -I've been blogging less- like you to work on my book. Feeling all the time like I want to post the work - but not yet. - So, this is very flattering, thanks a mil!