Wednesday, November 12, 2008


With my daughter's first horse show this weekend - the sketchbook is filling up with horses. Yesterday at the stables there were the most interesting looking horses. My 8 year old has memorized all horse breeds.... but can't remember to flush the toilet... she told me they were called Gypsy Vanner horses. They had curlyish manes and tails and long hair over their hoofs. They were cool. I was horse nuts as a kid too. I never took riding lessons, so I am living vicariously thru my kid. She's in love with horses and riding and it's great to see her passionate about something other than cartoon network.

Over at Jennifer Meyer's blog- you can check out truly beautiful horse illustration.


Gina Perry said...

Lovely sketches, especially the girl and horse 'hugging'. Only someone who really knows how to draw can knock out horse sketches like that!

Alicia Padrón said...

I was going to say the same thing that Gina said. My fav is the middle one of her hugging the horse. And they are all so very well drawn not to mention beautiful!

I also wanted a horse when I was little. I think most little girls do. I think is great that your daughter gets to ride them and feel passionate about something. That is key in life! :o)

crystal driedger said...

Yes! Beautiful! So simple in the lines used and yet so elegantly drawn. True talent is shown here, good luck to your daughter in her horse show!

Jennifer said...

Really sweet-- especially that one in the middle!

I still ask for a pony every year...


-J.Meyer said...

Horses! Awesome =)

Wow, you got to see Gypsy Vanners! Those are beautiful horses. The top one is a lovely cartoon one of them, you caught thier strong neck, barrel body and lovely hair. They always have such interesting pattern.

Nice emotion on the second one!

Awww you mentioned me. *blushing*

sketched out said...

Awww, your horses have so much personality, I love them so! I used to draw horses in my sleep when I was a kid, but haven't drawn very many since. These sketches remind me of those happy days.

Hey, I'm such a dweeb, I forgot to answer your question the other day, I'd be absolutely honored to be on your blog list. I'd like to add you to mine too, if you don't mind!