Monday, May 4, 2009

Whew! What a weekend..

I am tired but happy. I had an art filled weekend and tomorrow more art to come. Friday night, I went to a an open house in Huntington Station, NY- to see some artists' workspaces/work. I met 3 of my fellow Artist Mothers -and we went for dinner after. Some of the art was really great and it's good for one art group to support another- especially here in Long Island where art groups are few and far between. An evening out with 3 of my favorite people - laughing- kvetching - and cocktails- good times.
Saturday I had a communion to go to- and had a lovely Italian meal - with the lovely family. - The food was so good- I'd call it art.
Sunday was a bimonthly CBIG meeting. It's a group I joined about a year ago. It's very informative- there's always an art director or editor brought in to speak and then we all put our names in a hat to see who's portfolio will be reviewed. Anahid Hamparian, AD at Marshall Cavendish was so gracious as to say- I'll just look at them all! So She was very insightful and gave out useful advice to each of us. AND she didn't say the word "Disney" when looking at my work or say it was "too" mass market or "too commercial" or "too animated". So - I like her.
Sunday night -I met up with Nancy and Laurel, 2 BNL "enthusiasts". Nancy is an animator who is on the board of ASIFA East - the animator's union. I was in ASIFA west when I was out in L.A. It was the annual animation Festival. It was GREAT to peek back into a world that I left behind so long ago. There was the woman I interned for in 1993. One of the films came out of the SVA program I did. - and I got to meet John Canemaker. So- Thanks to Nancy for saving me a seat. It was a fun night. Fave films: I did like Chicken Cowboy a lot- the talking NYC objects and Western Spaghetti. The grand prize winner made me cry- I was all verklempt. Bill Plympton had 2 films that won awards - he really is tuned into his own frequency- dude's crazy amazing.

Tuesday night I'm going to check out the Syracuse Illustration Senior Portfolio's. Info :
Tuesday May 5 & Wednesday May 6 at Lubin House,
11 East 61st Street in NYC from 10 AM- 8 PM Tuesday,
10-7 PM Wednesday,
Open to all Alumni and Professionals. Alumni event Tuesday, May 5th, 6-8 PM.

If any of you Illustrators will be around- check it out. SU - puts out some strong talent. I'm excited to see what the kid's are up to these days.- and already anticipating to seethe with jealousy..... at their chutzpah I wish I had at their age.

So - Art Art everywhere! S'good thing!


Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

This character is a total hoot!!!! I love that look on her face. Looks like she met up with one of my marionettes! She is steamed for sure!!! You have been very, very, very, very, busy hee hee hee! I know how that is. My granny just took the trip to heaven on last week and one of my client has of course waited to month to get back to my agent to say now they would like to have their artwork! he he he! I mean what are you going to do. Keep your head up girl cause you are well on your way! Take care and as always my friend, THANKS so much for stopping by!

Kelly Light said...

Vanessa- I gotta email you- you're too sweet.

AWells said...

I'm glad things are looking up!

sam said...

Ooo You got to meet John Canemaker? Wow I have his book Paper Dreams! Mega Disney historian. So Glad so much art is surrounding you! Heals ya duttin it?
Love you words of wisdom quote from Kung Fu Panda! My Favorite line!

dintoons said...

haha like the lil lady's awesome attitude, nicely drawn! fun work on your blog, thanks! :)

sketched out said...

What a wonderful weekend! Glad to see you're treating yourself well. I need to fix me up one of those art type weekends. Once again you have inspired me (0:

Love your wee character... but when don't I? Your stuff simply rocks!