Thursday, July 9, 2009

On the drawing board

What can I do before Aug. 5th? Before heading out to L.A. - the one thing I want in my portfolio is some sequential art. I had done these rough sketches as homework for the FL conference and want to turn it into something for the portfolio. -That and a new postcard/business card and I'm running around like a crazy woman again.

I'm excited to go back to L.A.! We left in the early 1990's with my husband (then shacking up guy) yelling out the window "We Shall return!!"" - and we shall for a long weekend.



hahaha that strip is hilarious

Diandra Mae said...

These look great Kelly! I have some sequential pieces in my portfolio, too. Much younger audience for my pieces, though. :)

After I knock out a couple new pieces this weekend, I'll be working on my post/business cards.

The conference is less than a month away! :)

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Boy you have been hard at work Kelly!! These are great. You just amaze me with each turn of your pen. You are just so creative and talented. It's awesome. I wish you all the very best in LA. I hope they know that your the best. I mean it! YOU ROCK GIRL!!! Have a safe and productive trip!

Chrissy Fanslau said...

Cute work! Oh, and how neat that you get to travel so much! =)

Brian said...

Ah Sequentials... my love. Beautiful story, simple, elegant lines. I'm sure you already know any little bit I could spout here but I just wanted to make sure that the planets in the first panel and the energy blast around the toad in the third panel do not break the borders of your panels that are butted up to each other. As is, the eye flows in your thumbnails from panel one to three. Are panel breaks common outside of comics? You probably want to smack me now and tell me 'It's not the finished art dummy!' I should shut up.

Man, I dig your work.

Phyllis Harris said...

These are FANTASTIC sketches!!

Anonymous said...

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