Thursday, September 3, 2009

Doodle of the day

Ally Poe : favorite niece of Edgar Allan. Pet Raven: Sir Neville Moore

Been in a gloom all day. Finally sat down to draw and goth came out. Luv a good doodle- don't you? -There may be a story w/ these two.... quote the raven "Get back to work Kelly!"


sam said...

What a winsome wit hath she,
who doodles a girl quite gothically.
a melancholiac little lass,
sat glumly down upon her... keaster!
Even when your bluesy you Rock lady!

ColonelErnie said...

Heather Hansen said...


Christina E. Rodriguez said...

I love this. She's all goth and emo but somehow not stereotypical at all. Her raven is awesome!

cycheng said...

Hope the gloom leaves you but I'm glad it inspired you to make this doodle. I especially love the bags under the girl's eyes.

kathy hare said...

love this.. :)