Tuesday, November 16, 2010

ahh Life...

I am burnt toast.

Ripple burnt me out. Since September 19th - I have had to get out
the butter knife and try to scrape off the crusty burnt bits and
get back to work.

40 came and kicked my ass.
I have to concentrate a bit less on art and a bit more on
Funny - just as you start to see the fruits of the hours and hours
spent Butt-in-chair drawing, painting and writing... all of those
hours show on that butt and in your blood test.

So I have started 3 days a week with a personal trainer.
I hate it.
I won't lie.
It bites.

But I'll do it for my  health and my life and for my daughter and
will try to regroup and make myself
golden brown buttery good toast again. (OK smart balance
- heart healthy spread good)


Anna said...

Good for you! Whatever the motivation, it seems like you've got a good attitude about things and are well on your way. I too have a desk job, though mine is much more boring, and I wish I had the time (okay, really the money) for a personal trainer. I did try a few sessions a while back and I find that you don't have to like the trainer, in fact hating her a little bit helped keep me going, purely out of spite.

Nina Crittenden said...

Way to go, Kelly! You can do it! You have done so much for so many, it is good that you are making time for you, too!

Kelly Light said...

7 weeks of exercise + a smaller butt in my chair. I am sore - small price to pay. Hope it shows in my blood work. Thanks for the encouragement guys!