Friday, May 13, 2011

Hello Blogger- Are you feeling better now?

Blogger was down. I have been neglecting this blog- caught up in work, life, exercise, facebook, twitter...feeling like I want to junk all I've done and start fresh, new website, new blog, new exciting things out there now...... and then blogger goes down.
What if it was gone forever. All of those posts? 4 years of my life- the proof of my journey- woosh! gone! This blog was my toe dip into the water after staying home with a kid for five years.

Well - PHEW! It's back and I've heard I can download it and save it- that I did not know. So- Blogger, I am glad you are better.


Trish said...

I've been experiencing (to put it gently) some weird stuff while trying to salvage an upcoming scheduled post that was "eaten" by the downtime. <:(

Kelly Light said...

anything posted 5/11 on- lost and gone. My sketchables post eaten. I usually don't write elsewhere and copy in here- I may start doing that now.
It's a bit of a wake up call- K

Tracy Bishop said...

Oh, no. I'm so sorry you lost posts :-(

Your article reminded me of this blog post I read a long time ago. This lady wanted to archive her blog in book form. She figured out a way to do it really nicely and affordably:

Kelly Light said...

That's great Tracy!Thanks so much- I think I should do that as well!

sketched out said...

Wow, I don't know what I'd do if my blog disappeared either. Starting it made me take myself seriously as an illustrator. Hope you didn't lose too much from 5/11 on. I'd like to find out how to download too, although I'm on Wordpress. Keep up the great work, Kelly!