Thursday, September 1, 2011

THE SKETCHABLES! are Back from Summer Vacation!

When Dante was writing his Inferno... with those nine circles of Hell -
he forgot one - Middle School.
Maybe he didn't forget.
Maybe he just couldn't bring himself to revisit it.

The lock. The locker. The class changing.
The pimples. The puberty.
The crushes. The heart break.
The bad hair.
The growing pains.
The friendship hop scotch.
The Gym classes.
The way your parents become idiots over night. 

(Or at least "weirdos")
The intensity of feeling that we experienced in middle school- just never happens again. EVERYTHING is the most important thing ever.

They'll get thru it. They'll run that 3 year gauntlet- and cross the finish line.
The prize on the other side- a firmer grasp on knowing who you are- and who you can be.
But - Oh boy, I don't envy them at all. 


christine grove said...

Love this! Gotta middle schooler myself...oh boy. Good times. I love that notebook paper. Super nice touch. I'm envious of your digital skills!! My jealousy and I will have to go peruse the rest of your blog now;)

Irene said...

You just captured the generation of middle schoolers everywhere.

Irene said...

Also, with 2 DD i have to also add...Fashion frenzy!