Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Happy Holidays

When we decided to give up (after several frustrating years) trying to have a second child; we told ourselves a kid, a cat- we're good. But watching Maggie play all alone in the backyard was a tad heartbreaking. So, we got a puppy. A Golden Retriever is the prince of all dogs- so damn beautiful, you can't stay mad at them. Now, he's been with us 9 mos. He is completely the second child. He keeps me company all day, drives me crazy wih his whining and chewing and spazzes out at the most inconvenient moments. I'm totally in love. And so is Maggie. And I think my husband is the biggest mush of all. Look at the family resemblance! Where does her hair stop and his start?
The cat has been ill. We have all turned into nursemaids- pushing tiny pieces of tuna down his throat and coaxing him to drink. He's bouncing back. He's old and cranky - but we love him too.
This Holiday season I am happy to have my crazy menagarie. I hope in your holiday "Stressmas" you pause and revel in the chaos that is life. It's all good.

Happy Holidays too all- see you in the New Year. Kelly


idragosani said...

That's a beautiful dog! How old?

We have 5 cats to keep our 3 year old company ... or rather, the 3 year old keeps the cats company.

Kelly Light said...

He's 11 mos old. I think animals are the best way for kids to learn about empathy, compassion and life/death. Let's just hope my cat makes it to 2008! - Happy Holidays Brett!