Wednesday, January 9, 2008

2008 Starts with a BOOK!

Altho, not the Holy Grail "Picture Book"; I am going to be a published Illustrator finally! Yea! These are chapter head illustrations for a potty training book due out later this year from Amacom Books. My college roommate, Sara Au is co-author and did me a SOLID!- Did I just write that?
Truly, in an act of great friendship, she suggested (pressured the hell out of) her editor to look at some sketches of mine. I never thought it would go thru, knowing my luck...and it did! Wooo Hooooo! Another post where I can write Woooo Hooo!
Good start to the new year!


idragosani said...


We're doing potty training with my 3 year old....

Kelly Light said...

The hardest 12 days of my life. My 3 year old and I, locked in for one snowy week. She stayed naked and we sat on the bathroom floor and read 1,000 books. And then-it was done.