Thursday, January 10, 2008

If it feels too good to be true..

... then it probably is.

Hmmmm.... Feedback on art: Not ethnic enough. Not African American or Asian enough. So I am forced to exaggerate stereotypes- which I HATE! You can see I have altered the art. I still tried to be subtle. AND the kicker; My art has been compared to Precious Moments.

And Casper;

Which I don't mind as much as the Precious moments comment. PRECIOUS @#$%^ MOMENTS? I'm pretty sure this is an "Art Directing by Commitee" problem., You know what they say about opinions being like a**holes....

I know I'm no master draftswoman.. but I know what I know, and I know cartoons. I think I will now be tempted to break into to nearest hallmark Store and go medieval on the Precious Moments section. I will mutilate all of the chachkes.

Now what? I take back my Woo Hoo.


CresceNet said...

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idragosani said...

Argh... they went PC on you?!?!?!?

Kelly Light said...

Crescenet- Portuguese? Brazillian? Either way, I can't read it. But thanks. "Obrigado"

Kelly Light said...


PC or Crazy? All I can say is - Uhg.

Anna said...

Ugh, I am just sad that I've just now found your blog and my comment is a few years late. I'd have totally helped deface a few of those big headed teary eyed saps.