Sunday, June 14, 2009

Unfinished business

Off to another conference. I chose to go back to Florida this week. It's a great friendly-creative-workshop atmosphere lead by illustrator Janeen Mason. This year's guest is none other than Jarret Krosoczka of Punk farm and now Lunch Lady fame. I am so happy to spend time with Janeen again- she's an inspiration as an artist and a person. And Jarret himself told me "buck up little camper!" after the NYC conference and blog post of doom here. So meeting him will be a fun experience as well.

Recently - my daughter was in a horse show- she's nine. My biggest fear is that she will be thrown and get hurt. Right before she's about to ride- another girl, 7 years old (a tiny thing) gets thrown head first off of the horse. I think I screamed something like "HOLYCRAPJEEZAOHNO!"
She was ok- tho crying. The trainers scooped her up and put her right back on that horse- and I felt- like give the kid a break! Get her her Mommy! Get her some ice cream!- but the trainers said- You have to get right back on or you may never get on a horse again. - She rode on and finished the show. I've thought about that alot. I got thrown off for a while- but I gotta get back on the horse. I almost convinced myself to not get back on. But I am- I may not win a ribbon, but I'll finish the show.

So- finally finished this illo - got more to do before I leave thursday.


AWells said...

Just stunning work there Kelly- and a great little story, too. :)


That's great

Jennifer said...

GOOD for you, Kelly! (The trainers are right!) Can't wait to hear about the conference. :-)

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

have a wonderful and safe trip to the conference. I hope you have a good time as well. I remember seeing this illustration once before. It's simply beautiful and so much fun. There is so much detail and hilariousness in there. Great piece. Thanks so much for sharing.

Eric Barclay said...

Great composition-- love the wizard.