Friday, May 7, 2010

Good Stuff Goin On!

Off to Hot Dog House for the next week - by myself to dream-to write- to draw and to Brimfield Baby! 5 football fields of antiques-- drool.

I was in Publisher's Marketplace this week! I had no idea my agent was going to put an announcement about the little Goldilocks Book in- Thanks Mark! What a nice surprise! - Anyone have a print copy- save it for me!-- Have an awesome week all and again Happy Mothers' Day. -Especially to my Mom who really is the Mom of Moms.


Russ Cox said...

I really like your illustration style. Very clean but full of life.

Kelly Light said...

Thanks a bunch Russ!

Kimberly Dwinell said...

Darling illustration, great font. You get to go somewhere by yourself? People can do that? Hmmm... Wheels are turning in my brain!

matt dawson said...

I can only agree with the above, really like your approach. Theres a lovely retro flavour but you also don't sacrifice the character for an unecessary graphic florish. I'm jealous of your posing and layouts too, very impressive! Bookmarked for sure.

Agyw said...

Yes, I too love your style, Kelly! When I was a young girl, my first boyfriend was an horologist, but he dealt in other things, We would do Brimfield and it was fun, exciting, and as you say droolworthy! If you like history or early American technology, you should hie yourself to Deerfield Museum in Deerfield Michigan.

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Awwww man!! Dang I missed the trip he he he!! the Hot Dog House sounds fabulous! I love the illustration. It's wonderful!!! Hope that you had great mother's day with your mom! Thanks so much for stopping by. Hugs to you!

Merry ME said...

The Hot Dog House?
Is this a real place? Is it a well kept secret or can you name it's location for all the world to see.
I happen to be married to a man who could very possibly live in the house you've drawn. Plus he says "nosh" instead of "ya'll come". This might be the house of his dreams.

Any chance I could use the picture on my blog - tomorrow being Father's Day and all - giving you complete credit, of course?

A week by myself to dream and to write. Ah, Calgon -or Hot Dog House as the case may be - take me away.

P.S. I'm hooked on the ripple blog. Grand idea.