Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Gulf Sketchcards - are causing a RIPPLE

I'm moving the sketchcard effort HERE

The new blog "Ripple" - is nothing fancy. I didn't spend a lot of time on the header. I don't spend a lot of time on the sketches. I want each small act to build upon the first - and through doing them- something bigger can grow. Like ripples in water. Like I said- it's hard to cause ripples in OIL SOAKED WATER. But, with help, we can.

Thanks everybody!


Stacia said...

I heard of Ripple through another artist and went to have a peek. Awesome effort!

Would I be able to donate artwork to the cause? If so, how does one go about it?

My site is


Anonymous said...

Hi, this is wonderful. I've just sent in confirmation of my donation (with choice of beautiful art), and have posted it on Facebook. I'd also, if possible, like to donate a piece of artwork -- and let other artists know they may donate too. How would I go about donating art? Please let me know via livejournal or to Natalie at
Thanks again.

Julia Finucane said...

Hi, I found you through another artist. I would like to donate cards if you are taking in more artists and cards. Please let me know. You can comment on my blog...

Thanks, Julia Finucane

Kelly Light said...

all submissions go to I'm not going thru this blog- thanks

Lisa M Griffin said...

I am going to work on a submission this week! An incredible cause, thanks so much for spearheading and creating the Ripple blog.

Silvia Liz said...

Hello Kelly!
just wanted to say thank you to you, because it was the first time I took part to such a great event, and I totally agree with the cause, which I do care a lot!
IT was amazing for me to discover that my drawing was bought...this gave me a great joy, but above all though that I did something helpful for the sea creatures in difficulty... =) ! You had a great idea; Greetings

Kitty Forseth said...

I heard of the "Ripple" from a friend on Facebook, the news is spreading! Thank you so much for what you are doing.