Saturday, June 5, 2010

establishing family resemblance

Working on a book that follows one family through a hundred years - is well - insane.
I did this this morning to help me sort out how I am keeping the family resemblance alive thru the generations. I have a family tree I'm working on too- cause Wow- it gets confusing- who is who's kid and who is who's grandma and how does it all branch out.

I've tied the family together in a lot of ways. Facially- I've tried to repeat certain features- nose shape, head shape, mouth shape- eye shape and expressions and attitudes. They're such a fun bunch!;)

You know the old saying "tortured artist" well I'm a self torturing one! But I have a need to tell this story so- I'm gonna get it done and then I will feel as if they've been done justice. I start each week talking to the main character in my head saying "Tell me your story".


Nina Crittenden said...

Oh, how I love this! Thanks for posting! Can't wait to see more- your artwork is brilliant!

Mark MacKay said...

I really enjoy looking at your character designs, great post!

Jack Foster said...

Wow ! That has to be tough! Itried putting myself in your shoes... trying to keep a family resemblence going throu a couple of generations is certainly a huge task. Looks like you are up for the challenge tho Kelly. This is terrific! Love your blog and your Ripple too! I'm going to try and work on something for the cause.

Kimberly Dwinell said...

Awesome, Kelly! You're no slacker, girl. Doing it right! And thank you for you effort for the Gulf. So cool to see people who step up.

Johanna Urban said...

Amazing :) You are so talented :)

Johanna, Sweden

Jose Christiano Junior said...

Kelly, I hope things are fine. Everything is fine on this side. I am trying to reach you. I will send you an e-mail with my grandma 90th birthday invitation. I am not sure if your e-mail is still the same I hope it gets you. Talk to you soon

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

YOU can do anything KELLY LIGHT!!! You really can. I love the sketches. They are hilarious and wonderful. The music is the bomb and I am digging it while I type up this comment. I love what's on your drawing table right now. How awesome!!! You are amazing. I think that's my next door neighbors daughter!

lisa evola said...

Hi Kelly, I am an artist and am interested in donating an art card for the gulf/oil fundraising. Please let me know what I can do. Thanks
Lisa Evola