Thursday, February 3, 2011

Friday's Pages - More SCBWI Notes and night caps

I like revisiting my SCBWI notes- they are unintelligible to anyone but me. I scribble, I doodle- I write things I should never let anyone read. I jot down that I am bored- I may play fashion critic, caricaturist and curmudgeon - all on one page.

Dan Yaccarino's the future of books as E-books talk note page has many hearts on it and Oswald's dog Weenie. Written in my messy all caps handwriting is "It's really about STORY & CHARACTER and that will never go away. - I think I was too dazzled by the Yaccarino to write.

The Social Media Panel- A few take aways: see all of the real info on the official SCBWI blog and in depth notes on Leeza's blog

In no order with no attribution:
"This is a time of tremendous change. It is challenging, exhausting an exciting!"
"Social Media forces us to re-think "What is an audience?""
"Blogs- think how you can use them to get your audience to be consumers of you"

Here's an example. The Lawyer who spoke on Friday. He loved his work. You could tell- his hands were so animated. He said a few things I thought stood out. I wrote :
" Be the aggregator not the aggregatee" (aggregatee- is that a word- it made me think of an aggravated manatee - and then I want to draw that)
"Facebook and Twitter #'s - matter. (I don't want to believe this but I can see it happening)

Facebook and Twitter and blogs are ways for us to find out who the customer is and then we can establish relationships w/ those customers. (I feel weird calling them customers- rather than friends. Then - there are those "friends" we don't know right?- my brain hurts thinking about this stuff- I just want to create and hope people connect with it. -I do realize, of course that is short sighted. But I like things to happen organically- it makes me think it's due to the quality of what I do. I don't want to be the telemarketing equivalent of an illustrator calling you at dinner time. You will hang up on me.)

I had to leave before the amazing hands guy stopped talking. THE TAKE AWAY of the day- (my own) BUCKLE UP FOLKS!- We are looking down the barrel of a change not unlike the Gutenberg Bible. We must move with it, lest we get run over.

Like I said- below- I left the intensive. Leeza took such amazing notes- I'm reading them to fill myself in on what I missed.
I got back to NYC from my daughter's play at about 10:20 PM. I met my roommate Kathy Blackmore in the lobby- and we headed over to the KID LIT DRINK NIGHT.  

We had fun chatting with Leeza,  Brian Gerrity, my LA discovery of art joy: John Deininger, Lena Shiffman and a guy named Jim - who was very cool and if he reads this- please comment cause I would like to name you correctly! It was a room filled with energy- I wish I could have soaked it up and gotten there earlier.  It was off to the hotel and to bed - then we chatted til 2 Am and were a wreck the next morning. But it was fun! - more conference notes to come!

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