Monday, February 28, 2011

Return to the Land of the Reject Sketches

I would say- my favorite thing to do is to make up characters. I love to "draw" out a personality. It's like acting for the way too introverted artists among us, like me who long to be on stage - but just can't do it.
I have been working on a book that takes place in a school cafeteria. The 2 leads - the cook and a boy about 7.

It was left wide open as to what they should look like. All I knew was the cook should be "mom" like. I just went where my brain took me. Usually I think of someone I know-or have seen- or I go through my sketchbooks to see my sketches from Starbucks and the horse stables... that's where I sketch people who strike me as fun looking.  Here are the rejects. Rejected drawings never die - they will show up somewhere else.. because you've brought these characters into being. They now need stories to inhabit.

the one with the glasses might resemble me a bit

the top one looks a bit like my personal trainer - but no poochy belly on Patty(trainer)
then I did a round Mama mia looking one 

The tired- worn out Mom face -I know it well
Ok- if the cook was gonna be frazzled- I thought of
someone's Mom I know. I hope she doesn't mind- cause it looks pretty dead on.
I also thought southern cook- I have wanted to do a New Orleans cook 
character for years. I find the story of Leah Chase fascinating- and
I volunteer for a picture book about her!

Mostly- I think of the kids in my daughters' school. She leaves elementary school this year.
What will I do?... Lots of awkward looking 11-13 year old kids next year.

These are the cleaned up designs- many scribbles and bad drawings were done - but even those still have some life in them.


theartofpuro said...

Do they reject them?Why?They are great but if they are the rejected the one approoved must be fantastic:)Love them:)

Kelly Light said...

They chose the ones that best fit their ideas for the book. It's a process of elimination - s'ok with me!

Dallion said...

These are great! I would love to see the chosen ones. Are they top secret until the book is released?