Thursday, August 11, 2011

Forgotten Conference Moments

Sitting here this morning.. I remembered the other things I was supposed to post about the conference.

First: To the lady, seated in the row in front of me who, just before David Small was going to speak - stood up and said "The next person is just an illustrator- so I'm gonna go."

You win the "Loser of the conference Award."

Second: Sometimes, in Thunder Dome... one's eyes drift over to see what action one's portfolio is getting. Mine eyes did just that. There stood a man, elegant, salt and pepper hair and beard.. smiling ear to ear. That made me happy. Then I realized it was author Bruce Coville - that made me spankin' happy. I'd love to have more authors show up to support the illustrators.

Mr. Coville wins the "Elegant Author with wonderful taste Award."

Kid Lit Drink Night happened across the street at the Century City Mall @ the inappropriately named , "Pink Taco". Really. I had to tell my husband , "We went out last night. I ate at the Pink Taco." - C'Mon! 

Pink Taco, You win the ,"Only in L.A.  Award"

At The Pink Taco, Agent Mary Kole was holding a 30 second "Pitch Slam".  We watched the mele. We chatted with an Austrailian Illustrator named Leslie Vamos. I am 40- I am a Mom. I looked at this petite young, little (I can say that- I'm 5' 2"), talented , cute, spit fire of a fantastic drawer and immediately felt maternal. She signed up to do a pitch. She was about to get slammed and she was so confident. I couldn't be afraid to do something that this whipper snapper seemed perfectly cool doing -  like it was as easy as ordering a non-fat, decaf - no whip, caramel macchiatto...

Leslie wins the  "I'm the shit and I know it" Award

I had met Mary Kole a few weeks back in NYC @ the NJ SCBWI networking dinner. Here I was standing 3 feet away - wanting the chance to say, "Hi" - and with the aid of 2 Mojitos and Leslie's bravado, Jim Hill's and Diandre Mae's and Angela Matteson's quick help throwing together my idea.... I signed up and pitched a picture book story. I have never done this before. It was not a pleasant experience. 30 SECONDS GO! I rambled and all I heard was "WHY? WHY SHOULD I CARE? SOUNDS KINDA PREACHY! MAYBE WITH CUTE ART IT COULD WORK! YOU SHOULD TALK TO KELLY LIGHT! (I still don't get that last part- last time I checked, I was Kelly Light)
I was a deer in the headlights that were Mary Kole's eyeballs and she has eyebrows that are extremely expressive... expressing "I will squash you like a tiny illustrator bug". 
But I was able to laugh at it- laugh at her and laugh at myself. Now, at least I've done it. Next time won't be so bad.

I win the "I grew a Ball" Award

I did. Illustrator ball number one.


Christina Forshay said...

Once again, great post! Unbelievably, I heard the same thing: "I'm not an illustrator...not interested". Lame.

You crack me up!!!

I need to grown some balls when it comes to introducing myself to people. I suck at that. That's a main goal for next TALK MORE!

Jennifer Gray Olson said...

Well said!! I agree with all your awards, especially the first one. What the hell??

Great meeting you in person, your work always makes me smile :)

Diandra Mae said...

Congratulations on your new ball! (hahaa!) And you KNOW I'm with you on that idiot's leaving the ballroom before David Small spoke. She missed the best keynote of the day! I'm a small enough person to admit that thought gave me pleasure. :P "Disrespect us, will ya?"

I wish there was some way to pull more authors into the portfolio show. Maybe they should move that wine & cocktail hour to the Showcase hour?

And you did fantastic at the pitch contest. You are on your way down a new road, and every little step you take is an important one! I say congrats to you again for having the guts to jump off that cliff!

Jennifer Noel Bower said...

I am now officially terrified of attending my first conference in September. But, as always, thanks for keeping it real. I love your humor and candor.

Julia Shahin Collard said...

Oh, I think you grew a whole package - not just one ball - to be able to do the pitch slam. I hightailed it out of there as soon as they announced it was starting! Congrats on your bravery.

And yeah, you should really talk to Kelly Light before trying out that picture book idea... ;)

Courtney Pippin-Mathur said...

Awesome!! I'm so glad you participated in the pitch contest. WOOT WOOT!!

Debbie Ridpath Ohi said...

Brilliant post. :-) Dangit, I missed seeing you at the Pink was sooo crowded!

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

he he he he he he he he!!!! Oh my goodness this was wonderful and left me in stitches! I loved each line. You are so funny and that is what I admire second about you! You are a Kick Ass Illustrator for sure. Take care girly!

Eric Barclay said...

Glad you had a ball... he he. Wonderful post.

Lesley Vamos said...

Aww - thanks for the shout out Kelly! ^_^ (I couldn't have done it without all your support - you guys were so nice to me ^_^)

Lewis Nowosad said...

It's been entirely too long since I've commented on this blog, my apologies. To the woman who habitually gets on her blog and writes witty entries which, with her words, illustrates effortlessly the scenes from her journey through her career as very talented artist;

Kelly Light wins the "I grew a writing ball award"

Congratulations, you have a bonafide 'pair' now!

Kelly, I do, so, enjoy how you describe the experiences of your life and appreciate you for that.

(...Also, you're a kickass artist...)