Thursday, September 15, 2011

Just Dance....

Yesterday I drew some squirrels dancing for The SKETCHABLES! 

"Fall is for squirrels. The joyous abundance of nuts falling off the trees.. makes them want to dance. You've seen them move- with the ease and lightness of Astaire. Their swooping tails like the chiffon of Ginger's dress...  strike up the band with some sweeping melody and watch the show. It's pretty colorful! I love Autumn."

Today they danced through my brain to that Gershwin tune...

You must look at these and think of this....

I certainly do and did as I drew them.

It is one of my very favorite pieces of Disney Animation.
The squirrels are so perfectly- exactingly, anthropomorphic.
So human in expression and gesture and yet -
so, damn, squirrel like.

I especially love the girl. And her "Gek-oop sound"
And her shuddering cry at the end ------ heart breaking.
Gah! I love it!
It's one of those pieces of art that I watch and grip my hair in my fists and think,
That's how good I wanna be!

Well, House of Mouse.. you never made the sequel
that you were supposed to!!
So in my mind- 
They meet again in an Arthur Murray Studio..
go for coffee after the lesson...
and go all Fred and Ginger- off into
the sunset together.

Ah- L'amour among the acorns...


Diandra Mae said...

Oh, that squirrel scene is my absolute favorite part of Sword and the Stone and one of the reasons I love that movie so dang much! You nailed all the reasons it's so great. And I have to say you did a fabulous job with your squirrels' tails mimicking elegant gowns and long coat tails. So much wonderful movement and line. Super cute, Kelly. :)

Anna said...

I love this movie! The squirrels, and most definitely Madam Mimm, not to mention Merlin in bermuda shorts years before Genie from Aladdin tried the same look. And I love your drawings, such great movement! Great Fall mood.

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

I adore your illustrations and your taste for music! How fabulous! It's puts me in the mood for nuts and dancing! I love your characters. You just bring them to life. Yesterday I had the chance to speak to Eric Barclay and we were both laughing over you humor. You are one very funny lady indeed! Love your humor girly. You keep us in stitches.
Best to you.

Eric Barclay said...

Fantastic! You have mad skillz, Kel!

Rielle said...

These are fantastic... What would you say if I asked to purchase some of your art work?

Rielle said...

Squirrels are by my favorite animal and I am an avid dancer. The fact you have combined two things I adore in the most creative way is fantastic. Thank you for posting. ^_^ And if its not too bold to ask, I would love to purchase some of your sketches.

Kelly Light said...

you can email me - these are digital sketches so you could buy a print. Thanks!

Elizabeth Caldwell said...

I love that scene!! Definitely my favorite too...especially for her cute little squirrel noises! My heart breaks when she realizes he can't stay a squirrel and she does the little lip quiver. And um..HELLO! I wanna get in on this print action too! =)