Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I’m having a dinner party in The Hereafter.

You are cordially invited to a Dinner Party in The Hereafter

Friday Night
5:30 PM cocktails
7:00 PM Dinner

Attire- come as you are for it is just how I like you.

I’m having a dinner party in The Hereafter.

My guest list tickles me so.

There will be such talk and an abundance of laughter and perhaps a bit of friendly debate.

The table will be large and round. The room is lit by the stars.

The menu is of no matter- we each shall have our favorites.

You are all the center pieces of my table.

I shall set our your place cards, if only to be able to write your names- but do, feel free to move about.

There need be no end to our fun, as time no longer matters.

The Guest List to whet your appetite:

John Lennon

Norman Rockwell

Jane Austen

Maxfield Parrish

Charles Schulz

Chuck Jones

Walt Disney

Jesse Wilcox Smith

Harvey Pikar

Steve Jobs

Lucille Ball

Oscar Wilde

George Harrison

Audrey Hepburn

Emily Dickinson

Jimmy Stewart

Billy Holiday

George Gerswhin

Al Hirschfeld

Walt Kelly

Beatrix Potter

Theodor Geisel

Coco Chanel

Katherine Hepburn

Humphrey Bogart

Mel Blanc

Julia Childs

Jackie Gleason

Mrs. Stevens (my first grade teacher- she was a hoot)

I anticipate the evening and imagine the limitless eternity of fun.

Until then, your host, Kelly Light

Who would you invite to your dinner party in The Hereafter?

I did not include family- that would be for Holidays. This is all about selfish, indulgent dreams and desires.

Ahhh... just the thought.


Scribbles and Books said...

I'd like to have dinner with:

Alfred Hitchcock
M. Night Shyamalan {I know he's alive but I'd like to ask him what's going on with his movies as of late!}
Walt Disney
Marlene Dietrich

and so many more but my mind went blank! LOL!

nancypants said...

Oh, I like your list.

I'd probably pick:
C.S. Lewis
Jimmy Stewart
Jane Austen
Corrie Ten Boom
Dietrich Bonhoeffer
St. Augustine
Martin Luther King Jr.
Alfred Hitchcock
Winston Churchill
Ludwig Von Mises
John Bunyan
Ansel Adams
Johannes Gutenburg
Martin Luther

and... many more... Also I have a list of fiction characters that would be great to meet IRL. :^D

Kelly Light said...

Fictional character dinner party! That's a whole 'nuther post!