Tuesday, August 14, 2007

"The Age of MOM"...??????

Watching the today show. There's a story on the new prominence of birthing plans in the delivery room. I'm all for a birthing plan. No woman should come away from the birth experience feeling rail roaded into situations she did not want..such as an unnecessary C section. BUT having said that... There are birthing plans and there are birthing PLANS. The story was about the new trend towards planning everything down to the music, the lighting, the temp in the room, the timing, what the doctor is wearing...yadda yadda on and on... So, the Today brings on the requisite "talking head expert" from COOKIE magazine. I hate cookie magazine. She declares this, "The AGE of MOM"! - "Mothers today want to assert their desires and micromanage every aspect of their children's lives from birth on." .. My book anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

P.S. Don't buy Cookie magazine.... I'm pretty sure you'll find copies of it in all of those Hummers......

PPSS.: It's always been the "Age of Mom"

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