Monday, August 6, 2007

Saddle Shoes Studios

I love saddle shoes. I wore them as a kid. They were the first day of school shoes and my twirling squad shoes. I wore metal plates in my shoes as a kid to try to "grow an arch" - I have flat feet. At Buster Browns' (the only place that had shoes that fit the plates) Saddle Shoes were as exciting as a shoe got. I have a few pairs now, I wear them in the fall. I have pictures of my grandmother wearing white souled saddle shoes in the 1930's. In the picture above, you can see my Mom's pair from the 1950's they are navy and white) and Maggie's pair from when she was a baby. I have all the shoes around the studio. They symbolize a constant...a style that never goes away..some may think they are cheesey or dorky but I think they are classic. They are a symbol of what I hold dear..nostalgia for a simpler time and all the important women in my life.

Somebody asked me tonight why I call my "business" of commercial art Saddle Shoes Studios.. and then told me of her childhood memories of wearing saddle shoes as a kid. Great story... good question...good memories..that's why.

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Anonymous said...

Wow if you don't write this book I'll take back your saddle shoes, MOM