Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Holy Crap!

Holy Crap...indeed. I stayed up last night til 2 a.m. Putting together my book for this visit with the children's book publisher. As I wearily climbed into bed..I heard the dog, Jabba, whine..... I thought...shhhhh, Go to sleep Jabba. I was awoken 6 or seven times by the dog's whines....but I was delirious. Can you smell what's coming?
7 a.m.
Shit storm.
The poor puppy had massive diarrhea in his crate. It was all over him. All over the toy duck, the crate...and then....he saw me and he began to wag his tail. Hurricane Dean's got nothing on this. The shit hit the fan...really. It hit the FAN.
What a way to start the day.
Cleaned the dog, cleaned the crate, waited to hear Hubby yell about having pets...(He cleaned the walls)....
Now I have to go to lif drawing, Kinko's, Starbucks for a quadruple shot....come back...make sure immodium is working for the dog....take Mags to Lazer Tag b'day party...finish book....and crash til tomorrow a.m. Oy! It smells here, I'm gonna light a candle.

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