Wednesday, September 5, 2007

what's happenin'

This morning, 7 1/2 years old, my daughter went off to second grade. She looks 10.She picked out that outfit all by herself...I can't just shop for her anymore. She has good taste in sneaks. She is sooooo like hurts. And then, she is so not like me in other ways, and those are the ways that amaze, intrigue, perplex and confound me. She's incredibly imaginative, to the point of having to do reality checks on her... which I could say is all me. But she's very interested in facts of all kinds, which I 'll give to the husband. Then there are the uniquely Maggie, maggie-isms. And these are what I hope bring her through life, and more immediately this year at school. She arrived today to find all of her pals were in another class together. She had Paul in her class. Paul was her "Guy freind" last year. We'd much prefer Paul and some of her girl friends sprinkled in, I felt nauseous all morning about her not having playdates this year... And then I thought, I bet she'll come home happy as a clam. 'Cause that's Maggie's way. So, we shall see....

I'm kinda art stymied here. I'll have to get some inspirational fibre and get things flowing again.... This morning I let Jabba, the 7 1/2 mos old golden retriever out into the yard...only to hear a strange sound a few minutes later, clump, clump. clump shwooosh! Clump clump clump...shwoosh! He was climbing up the ladder of the playset and sliding down the slide!!!! Stupid pet tricks here we come!!!!

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