Tuesday, September 11, 2007


This was my point of view of the manhattan skyline from 1993-1996. My apartment gazed across the river over the path of the Staten Island ferry. I had the best view in the whole freakin world. I could see to the left as far as Hoboken and to the right clear to Coney Island. And center, the Twin Towers.

What can one say that hasn't been said? The pain's still there, the tears still flow. My hatred for the president is incalcualable. I close my eyes and I can feel the 18 mos old Maggie I clutched as I huddled alone with her in my house in Long Beach as F16's passed overhead. I drove up the hill of Lawson Boulevard today, where dozens of us stood outside of our cars and watched as the first tower collapsed.

My fears today are greater than that day. Maggie is seven. What have we become America? What will you be for her?

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