Monday, February 18, 2008

Just when I think I'm out...They pull me back in.

I have more character design work. Work is good. Being paid to draw is- well- pretty damn good. I just had decided to focus on a book, so now my focus is pulled back to character work. Part of me wants to say no, just to be selfish and do what I want to do. The other part wants the cash. Here's some freelance. This is for a Tea Shop. I love tea. It's in Painter. Not quite done and needs some type too. I'll put up the finish when I'm thru.
I have to say yes or no to a big project tomorrow. All I have to do is blue lines- and they are willing to pay me a great fee for each of them. It won't help the portfolio, but it may be fun.
If only I could make a decision!
I joined "jacket Flap" If any of you are on it, or know what it's all about, let me know! -Kel


Alicia Padrón said...

I love this character Kelly! Good luck with your decision. I'm sure you'll choose what's best.

Kelly Light said...

Thanks Alicia,
I think I've decided to do the big job. It will help me buy some research materials and keep me going when I do get off of the freelancing merry go round!

nvcatgut said...

Ed Robertson once said something along the lines of this (regarding people saying that BNL was "Selling out" (not that you are, it just seems relevant to your decision);

....if it means we get money which enables us to continue to do what we love to do - which is making music for all of you - then yeah!

So go for it! Yay!

Gina Perry said...

What a dashing fellow! Enjoy the big project too. Even if it's not 100% on target with your end goal, fun work that pays well sounds like a good decision and a good time to me!

Angie said...

Hi Kelly!

What a foxy fox!

I hope I did not scare you with email connection request. I certainly did not mean to, if I did.
I come into NY quite often for events and I thought at some point we could hook up for coffee & chat on one of my visits.

We have much in common and I, too, have plans to write and illustrate a book, with little time to do so. I have done my homework, research with well-known artists and taken notes for future steps.

Also, I do character designs, as well.

I will be in NY this week working for a client, but I see on blog you will be in a much warmer climate!

Have fun and maybe we will connect at some point in the near future!