Monday, February 4, 2008

Off the boat, outta my head

So we're back from the cruise with Barenakedladies and our other favorite band Guster. Good times. Brought back an extra special souvenier cold. Really sick here. Seems I have been sick for the last three months a lot. I'll be back at he Dr. after this weekend's SCBWI conference in NYC.

So a new Justin illo. I wanted to do another with his Mom, but I don't think that's happening by tomorrow. I have to get this stuff to a printer.

This way too cutesy illustration is of a story I've been telling my daughter for 4 years. We go to St. Maartin every year with my father in law to his timeshare. St. Maarten has a BIG stray cat problem. She became attached to one cat named "Pretty face" one year we went- cat was gone. Since it is surrounded by water...I told her I had seen her, she'd turned into a Merkitty, which is what the cats do here in St. Maarten when they fall into the sea. Not a great story idea but she EATS it up. I promised her a picture of it, like -years- ago. So I thought I'd do one for the portfolio. I don't really do fantasy stuff, this is the closest I come. Now, she'll ask me for a unicorn-just watch.

As usual, I am stressing out. I've got to get back to yoga.

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Anna said...

That's cute! Now you need to do a mercat meets a meerkat illustration, if only because my cold medicine induced mind said that that would be fun :D