Sunday, May 4, 2008

Less is more..

Gina Perry had some good suggestions ... lookin' better?

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Anonymous said...

I like it! I like that you removed the striped band at the top too - feels more grounded and gives the type some breathing room! I do like the idea of the girl being mixed race - Hawaii is a super melting pot with a really odd mix of cultures so it does fit - but she seems too light-skinned for what you might be thinking of. My neighbors are 100% Hawaiian and they are just a touch lighter in skin color to the girl in the background. The other issue is that my eye is fighting with the girl in the background b/c of her darker skin tone, if the foreground girl is a little darker she might bring the focus back to her. Also, the shadows being cast on the sand are VERY soft, even compared to the shadow of her hair on the board. The shadows seemed more accurate on the purple ground for some reason. Seriously, give me a virtual slap if I'm giving you too much feedback! Is this going to be your first promo-postcard? I think it'll definitely catch some great attention. :)