Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Farting around...

I'm sitting here procrastinating.

I have to dive back into the book dummy - but first, here's some old stuff. These are from Ships and Dip 3

This is Sean Nelson from Harvey Danger. He was AMAZING to watch. Like a singing "Swedish Chef" from the muppets... his hands had a life of their own. Always moving- on the collar, on the jacket, on the mike, off the mike, on the glasses, on the hair... He also was a baby faced monolith of a man. His song "Pike Street to Park Slope" -a capella-was a show stopper. My honeymoon was on Pike Street, my husband's business is in Park Slope  and he dreams of opening a little repertoire movie house or somethin'...  Also, he sang a Monkees song! A rare one. "Someday Man" Ok, it's a Harry Nilsson song, but Davy Jones sang it, but Sean sang the hell out of it. He and Steve Page did a Paul McCartney songbook thing- which honestly- I didn't love most of it. BUT- Steve sang No More lonely nights-highlight- and Sean sang Maybe I'm Amazed, so I forgive the Paul bashing.

 I don't have this drawing anymore- which makes it pretty cool. This is the other Sean on board Ships and Dip, Sean Cullen.  Leigh and I saw his show, which was all about his day on the island of Grand Cayman. The gift shops were full of tacky island of "Tortuga" stuff. And there was some pirate named big black dick- no joke. But he did a very fun stream of Sean Cullen's conciousness bit about the Tortugan rum cake pirates who carry tote bags to keep their hands free. Then he went snorkeling and was sexual assaulted by sea turtles.

He is a very cute man. (I can still look at the menu, I just can't order) He is not too tall(Leigh's six three no wonder my neck always hurts-I'm 5 '2") Sean Cullen is a cute, Irish, dark haired bright blue eyed funny man (who can sing reallly well). A better looking, thinner Jackie Gleason- (who I love.)

Anyway, I did this sketch the morning after the show and hung it on my door. Went about the cruise..doo dood-do.. Last night, he's signing his cd's in the gift shop. Leigh says, Let's go get one, maybe you want to give him your sketch?-I think why would he want this silly drawing?-ok?! What the hell. We go in and get a cd and 2 rum cakes-ask him to sign them, and as I take the sketch out of my bag, he takes a note out of his pocket. 
He had a note in his pocket for me?! He had seen the drawing on my door and was writing to ask for a copy of it. Strange moment of wacky weird coinky--dink-ness.  So this is now his and that makes me happy.


Anonymous said...

This is all very good however, make sure this is not a case of sabatage. Make that mind focus on your book I need to read the rest of it. What is Glorious up to now? MOM

ColonelErnie said...

from the video i saw of the McCartney set, your Sean from Harvey Danger is awesome!

awesome Cullen, too.

Kelly Light said...

-My Mom commented on my blog, everyone. Hi Mom! Don't worry, I am working on my book. And I have on clean underwear too! -Luv ya!

-Noah- Thanks, I'm glad I can check out your blog too, now!

Lewis Nowosad said...

HI Kelly!

It's been a while since I've had a chance to visit here and I'm almost glad for that as it gives me the opportunity to catch up on a lot of very neat stuff!

Great work as usual and to see you so busy with something you love to do just warms my heart! You are so TALENTED!

(Are you going on Ships and Dip 5? - I hope I can manage a job sometime soon so I can book)