Friday, May 9, 2008

I don't know how I missed this.

Ollie Johnston

The last of the nine old men and one of the most amazing animators passed away last month. In my crazy chaotic life I didn't hear about it. If you can, watch this dvd:

Their story is not just one of two talented artists but of a lifelong friendship. I will always think of him like this:

As Rufus from The Rescuers.


Loni Edwards said...

I did not realize this either, thank you for sharing. A great animator who left a fantastic legacy. Cheers to you, Frank Thomas!

Tom Barrett said...

I found out on 4/21 on another blog and posted a quick note about it. I can't believe there was no TV news coverage (to my knowledge) about this.

The movies from their time are some of my favorite, both the stories and the style they used (a bit sketchy, where you can still see many of the pencil lines in the movie). AristoCats and 101 Dalmatians are at the top of my list!

AWells said...

I've been meaning to post here, for a while. I just started reading the Illusion of Life-basically the animators bible- have you read it?

He has made amazing contributions to the illustration and animation world. He will be sorely missed.

Kelly Light said...

Hi Aja- I have had the Illusion of Life since 1986. It looks like it's been through a war. I do consider it my bible!

- I think Ollie Johnston lead an amazing life and was a great person. - He lived to a ripe old age- doing what he did best, drawing and teaching. - We should all leave this earth with as much.