Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Graphic Novel Workshop

Friday's Illustrator intensive has a graphic novel workshop- I am very excited for this. we had to write 1/2 page or so from a childhood memory. So this is certified 100% true story :

Schnerrrg. Schnerrrg.

It’s so quiet, I can hear the dog snoring down the hall. Is that the dog? Maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s an alien

coming to abduct my brother. I hope they take him and not the dog.

chtick. chtick. chtick..

Boy that clock is loud. I hate that clock - I wanted a Snoopy clock. Mom had to get Holly Hobbie. She

should put it in her room. I wonder what time it is. It’s really dark. All I can see is colored spots

in the dark. They kinda of look like...eyes. Red eyes. Like the Jersey Devil ..like in the movie at

school... jersey dev - I’ll close my eyes now... sleep ...sleep...sleep...

ka-thump. ka-thump. ka-thump.

What’s that?

ka thump. ka thump. ka thump. ka thump.

Foot steps! Big ones. Really big ones...... louder now, coming... from........ where?

Ka Thump. Ka Thump. Ka Thump.

Outside - down the block - near Jenny’s house. They’re big. Dinosaur big. Like on the Land of the Lost.

KA THUMP KA THUMP - Tyrannosaurus Rex!!! Blanket on head - Scotty Dog - you’re the look out!



don’t breathe -don’t move - it’s right outside the window and T Rex can see in the dark....... and sense movement.....

got too keep still........

Mom : “What are you doing under the bed? It’s time for school!”


Jennifer said...

Sounds like it will be fun! Is it this coming weekend?

Kelly Light said...

Yup- starts friday. New hotel- not near Penn Station- near Grand Central - I think there's a subway shuttle right? Didn't you grab it after CBIG?

LillyZoo said...

I love the story. I always knew something was under my bed. I would always get a head start and run to jump on my bed so that "it" wouldn't grab my ankles. What ever "it" was.


Gina Perry said...

Ooooh, can't wait to see the outcome of this story, graphic novel style!

Have a great time at the conference!!! I hope you get tons out of it. Wish I was there again!

I gave you a little award, go check it out on my blog (when you've recovered from all the festivities)