Friday, January 30, 2009

Accentuate the positive? I try- but today... blech.

Today sucked. I have to process it- for if I write about it now... it won't be pretty.

Gina gave me an award tho! Thanks- lady about to have a baby! -Sending good baby vibes your way!

So tagged for 7 things I love;

1. My 9 year old daughter's singing voice- a natural-perfect pitch.
2. chocolate- but I also hate it- but I love it- and I hate it.
3. Cartoons
4. Disney - TAKE THAT! GD Panel review people!
5. Good drawing skills
6. Grand Central Station- I walked up into and stopped in my tracks and gawked. Stun-ning.
7. BNL- I will see them Sunday - I will raise a fruity drink and toast Gina - well woman wishes- on your new journey as a mother.


Anonymous said...

The world is upside down as we know it. No one is an expert when no one can predict the future. What was isn't today so stay focused, finish your book. Gentler times are needed now so &$#@ and their oppinion, so BELIEVE in yourself and the magic of Kelly.....

sam said...

WHAT! ----------DID those @$$es SAY!
I can't believe it wasn't totally positive. "Tell me it ain't true Poppa!"
Who were they ? Does it make ya wanna reconsider an overly zealous email by one crazed lunatic newbee you received a while back ? :o)

Jennifer said...

Hey Kelly! I have an award for you over at my blog...

Hope things are looking brighter now. I agree with anonymous's comment above. Good time to just hunker down and focus on the craft. Hang in there!! :-)