Friday, August 14, 2009

San Diego ZOOdles

I didn't sketch much at the zoo- having too much fun being there with my future zoo keeper. The secretary bird was wild!-I never saw one before. The pandas had just had a baby which we couldn't see- but there was a little 4 year old girl panda - who the zoo keeper told us was frightened my some schmucky guest and now cowers in a corner. Uhg! Hate idiots!!- Poor little thing.

Koalas may just pass by the sea otter as my favorite wild animal - they all look like Ed Koch to me- like they're saying "How am I doin?"

Seeing an African elephant was emotional. We mostly get to see Asian elephants in zoos. The smaller eared- smaller elephants are more prevalent. But the majestic African male elephant - so endangered - well, I just loved it.

I've met so many people who are anti- zoo. I get it- but zoos like the San diego Zoo do wonderful things for conservation- education- breeding and saving species from extinction. Children learn to love animals at zoos - and like my own animal lover- grow to want to be the guardians of all living things. - Mags already scoped out UCSD - for zoology school!


Phyllis Harris said...

I love all these sketches, Kelly! They all have great expressions. Even the elephant's backside has expression. ; )

Michelle Henninger said...

These are awesome sketches! You have really captured their quirks. Love it.

I used to be one of the anti-zoo mindset, but I have come around and absolutely see the value they have in conservation/education/etc. Especially, in the larger zoos,where there is such a concerted effort to make the animals feel at home. And I for one, hope the breeding programs are successful, because there are so many animals endangered because of mankind.

OK, I'll get off my pedestal now. :)

Chrissy Fanslau said...

Nice sketches, Kelly. Love the koala.