Friday, August 21, 2009

The Summer Reading List of a 9 year old book junkie

Mags could be found at any moment- nose in book this summer. By the pool- nose in book. In the car- nose in book. On a plane- on a beach - in the bathroom - and also walking into things- nose in a book. At nine- she'll still pick up a picture book if I recommend it and will tell me if she LOVES it- or not. We also enjoy our trips to Grashopper comics here in Long Island - and I encourage all reading- Archie Andrews is as big a deal as Harry Potter around here.

Maybe this list will be helpful - it's a little heavy on horse and cat books, but I marvel at the diversity.

Mags' Summer Book List

1. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix- JK Rowling
2. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
4. Just So Stories- Rudyard Kipling
5. A Pony to the Rescue - Louis Szyemenashki
6. A Pony Promise
7. A Perfect Pony
8. Ellie McDoodle -new kid at school- Ruth McNally Barshaw
9. Cat Magic- Holly Webb
10. Amazing Horse Facts & Trivia- Gary Mullen (NF)
11. The Westing Game - Ellen Raskin
12. The Flight Anthology vol1 (GN)
13. " vol2 (GN)
14. " vol3 (GN)
15. All Kinds of Familes - Maryann Hoberman (PB)
16. Psst! - Adam Rex (PB)
17. Black Beauty - Anna Sewell
18. The Days are just packed- a calvin and hobbes collection- Bill Watterson
19. Ocean Dictionary- Clint twist (NF)
20. Kingdom of the Sun - Jaqueline Mitton (NF)
21. White Fang- Jack London (classics illustrated)
22. The Disappearing Dessert kittens - Ben M. Baglio
23. The Voyages of Dr. Dolittle -Hugh Lofting
24. The Black Stallion - Walter Farley
25. Sword Bird- Nancy Yi Fan
26. Lunch Lady and the Cyborg Substitute - Jarrett Krosoczka (GN)
27. Lunch lady and the League of Librarians -" (GN)
28. Cat (eyewitness books) - Julliette Cluttlon Brock (NF)
29. Tiger - (natural world books) - Valmik Thapar (NF)
30. Wild Cats -(animal watch books) Bernard Stonehouse (NF)
31. The Dunderheads- Paul Fleischman (PB)
32. Little Nemo in Slumberland - vol 1 - Winsor McKay
33. Peanut butter and jeremy's best Book Ever- James Kochalka (GN)
34. The Adventures of Little Archie vol #1 - (Comic)
35. Let's Do Nothing- Tony Fucile- (PB)
36. Peasant Pig and the terrible Dragon- Richard Scary (PB)
37. Chicken Dance- Tammi Sauer- (PB)
38. Go Go America - Dan Yaccarino- (PB)
39. Jaques Cousteau- Dan Yaccarino- (PB)
40. Bobby vs. Girls- Lisa Yee
41. Always a lot of heinies at the Zoo- Ayun Halladay -(PB)
42. A Couple of Boys Have the Best week ever- Marla Frazee (PB)

Ps- We completely ignored the summer reading list sent home from school- I'm ready to go to bat for my kid- who is a really motivated reader - the list was a little below her level- I wanted her to go where she wanted to with her reading. So - hopefully the reading teacher will be cool with it.

She has a stack of books she wants to read in her last 1 1/2 weeks before school- she'll get to them- I'm actually telling her to take a break from books and swim more - but thanking my lucky stars that I have to say that!

On Deck:
Percy Jackson Series
Alvin Ho! -books
The Tiger Rising- Kate Dicamillo
The Time Travelers - Linda buckley Archer
So you want to be a wizard - Diane Duane

and she's counting the days until - The Wyrm King- the final Spiderwick Chronicles Book- Holly Black and T. Diterlizzi

I've asked her to be a guest book reviewer here on the blog- she said only if I create some kind of logo for her- so we're in negotiations!


karen (me-shell) said...

wow, that is an impressive list! way to go maggie! I'll add my 2 cents with 2 thumbs up for the new book reviewer :)

Michelle Henninger said...

Maggie sounds like my daughter! Eden can always be found with a book in hand! She just finished the Lightning Thief. We also ignore the summer reading list. ha ha!!

sruble said...

Thanks for sharing her reading list! I remember when I was her age. I read all summer long too.

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Isn't it wonderful! My nine year old would love this list and I plan to give it to her. Thanks so much for stopping by Kelly it's always such a pleasure. Have a good one and thanks so much for sharing this great list!!!