Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Birthday my half-way Girl!

 Half way. Half way between mary janes and high heels.  Half way between fairies and flirting. Half way between holding my hand and letting go. Half way to being the person I always knew you would be - a caring, creative, book worm with a head of golden curls and a heart of gold.

Mags turns 11 today. We're celebrating at the Harry Potter Park in FL. Today- we stay on the kid side of half way and drink tons of butter beer!


Casey G. said...

Happy Birthday! did she get her letter to Hogwarts?

Alicia Padrón said...

Happy birthday Mags!!!! :o)

Oh you'll have a blast at the HP park! Make sure you ride the Hogwarts castle ride several times, that's the best one. :o)

and a tip- you can get to the HP store through the back door. They let you in.. not that I'm teaching you how to sneak in, LOL.

sketched out said...

Happy Birthday to Maggie! How fun!

Love this whimsically, poignant birthday greeting, Kelly. Maggie is so lucky to have such a fun mom!