Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I was 10 and at tap class getting ready for the Holiday Show, When Margie, my dance teacher came in crying- and said John Lennon had been shot. I don't know how many girls knew- or cared, but my brother and I had been buying Beatles albums with our allowance since I was in kindergarten and we saw Yellow Submarine on TV. By the time I was in college- my walls were covered with his face and his music was always on. I danced to him at my wedding. His picture hangs above my studio door. - It's just never made sense that a man who asked for Peace died the way he did, but He wouldn't want the world to dwell on that- He'd want you to go out and ask for Peace too.

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LillyZoo said...

What would the world be without the thoughts, ideas, music and presence of John Lennon? He made a profound mark on the world.

Nice Post Kelly