Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Holiday Gift over @ The Sketchables!

I decided to share with you some sketchy characters for the holidays. Have you ever re-gifted?
Been the re-giftee?

I have re-gifted wine. (Un-opened (yes-un-opened!))

There is a crock pot from 1974 that resurfaces in my family some years. It has a red brick motif... I am always afraid it's my year when a big box comes from the UPS man!

Go to The Sketchables- find the link and download high res art!


Casey G. said...

these are hysterical!

The crock pot story is awesome. I love traditional traveling "bad" gifts.

Anna said...

My friends had a hideous clock shaped like a dog with a baseball hat and the clock in it's mouth that would get passed around every year. The only two rules were that you can't give it to the one who gave it to you and you must display it in sight the whole year. Horrible! I am totally going to use these tags for holiday gifts this year, thank you :D

Sam said...

All four of these are hilarious. Great job!

Kelly Light said...

They may not be "As" usable as the lovely ones the other ladies over at THE SKETCHABLES did. But we all need some holiday laughs!