Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ada walks on.

The back of the picture reads "Ada Boardwalk 1915"

I find stories in old pictures. I rescue these forgotten moments in time.

Was Ada walking away? Was she leaving? Escaping?
Or, was Ada walking towards something?  
From the looks of that sturdy gait and jaunty hat,
Ada had a plan. A goal.
Ada knew where she was going.

I see her as a strong individual. Able to own who she is.
Filled with the confidence that can only come from knowing who you are.
Ready to move on from people, places and things that were
feeding off of her. She would not let them.
She had places to go.

Walk on, Ada.


Nina Crittenden said...

What a great photo. I like to think she might stop for some ice cream on her way back. :)

Beth Stilborn said...

I love the story you saw in that photo. Thanks!