Monday, January 30, 2012

NY SCBWI Conference

I don't know if I'll write a recap about the NY SCBWI Winter conference. I just want to say that what a treat it is to meet people in person after getting to know them online. How wonderful to have a base line for friendship of common interests, mutual passion and shared dreams. I have a favorite show of all time, Northern Exposure. There's an episode where the young Shaman Ed, takes Dr. Joel Fleischman into the woods at night and shows him a clearing covered with phosphorescent mushrooms. He explains that why they glow is that under the soil- they all share the same root system. - every single SCBWI conference I think of this episode. - Because we are connected we all glow a little brighter.


Laura Zarrin said...

You are so right. Glow on!

Diandra Mae said...

Oh, what a wonderful metaphor Kelly! Glow on!

atlanticmo said...

Feeling very glowy myself.