Thursday, August 28, 2008

IF- Routine

If- Routine : Rough manly beaver work cuttin' down trees, buildin' dams - secure in his masculinity - Bertram enjoys a sushi break.

I knew I wasn't going to make the deadline for another Illustration Friday- So I managed a sketch. I like the sketch so much, I didn't want to rush the color. Should I do black and white since it's an homage to this:

Or should it be color- or sepia tones?

My website will soon be redone - Hallejuha! -So I'll use this as the under construction/Out to Lunch image.


AWells said...

This looks just great!!!!

I would say- do it in sepia tones and see how you like it. If nothing else- it will provide a contrast study for you, if you want to move to cclor.


Hey Kelly- WOW you are a force- great blog and GREAT art. Your work has a ton of character and appeal- also lot's of life to them. Thanks for you comments...

RayGun said...

My vote is for sepia tones. I like the idea of keeping a strong connection to the inspiration. (Although, it was so well executed in sketch form that I immediately realized what the source was before I saw the photograph below!)

Gina Perry said...

It's fantastic Kelly! Like raygun, I got the reference before I saw the photo below too. I like the idea of sepia tone as well.

Anthony VanArsdale said...

hahahaha! this is hilarious and couldn't be better! i would recommend black and white but i think sepia wins the vote so far :)

Lewis Nowosad said...

The foreman is a TOAD!!! LOL!!

Kelly, I know I've said this before, but it needs reiterating. You got BAGS of talent!!!! Keep it up!



c.g.young said...

wonderful and charming as always.
Love your characters,...always fun and full of inspiration, and using that old photo...priceless.

always a good place to stop and re-fuel the creative juices!


Tom Barrett said...

Great sketch and expressions. My favorites are the two on the ends! I vote for color.

pascale said...

Hey Kelly,

How have you been?

Great characters! I can't wait to see the finished version.
You're so talented girlfriend :-)


pascale said...

Hey Kelley,

How have you been?

Great characters, I can't wait to see the finished version.
You're so talented girlfriend :-)

SCBWI Orlando ‘08

Christina Ann Rodriguez said...

I agree with making it sepia, what a lovely spin off of the original! how clever! Your work is fabulous and good luck to you and your awesome new job!!

Kelly Light said...

Thanks all! I think it will be done B&W and color.

Thanks for stopping by here and checking it out from time to time- it's the best to hear from all of you and share our work. You all inspire me so much.

Eric Barclay said...

Wow- what an awesome concept! The characters are excellent, too. Love your work.

Brian said...

That is fantastic Kelly, each character is so full of life and expression. I love the idea of doing it and color and then making a few adjustments to make it black and white. And as someone else already stated, the piece is so strong that I immediately knew the picture it was inspired from.

The finished version will become my new desktop.