Thursday, August 7, 2008

Studio Door Peeps

To see this bigger- click the pic.

Nancy - you got 4 right! Chuck, Walt, Winsor, J.K.,... Daniel Radcliffe is cute- but- not above studio door material-It's John Lennon. And (not) Hanna- is Charles Schulz.

I have a few spots open, I was going to hang Martha Stewart up - I do admire her tenacity and taste... but I have since rejected Martha and the need for domestic perfection to pursue artisitic fulfilment. I may hang my college Prof Roger DeMuth up. He's a great guy , great artist, great teacher.. inspirational dude.

So these are the people I admire - I realize they are not all perfect - but they all (follow)ed the beat of their own drum. They were (are) the best they could be- or strive to be it. That's what I'm shooting for in life. Sometimes I go all Laverne and Shirley and hit the plaques before I leave the studio.

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