Monday, March 2, 2009

done for the show - will revisit

The show hangs tomorrow. It's at a gallery in Freeport- N.Y.. The opening is Friday Night.

I will do more of these in the future- the regency period- the 40-'s and 50's - maybe up thru the 60's .


ColonelErnie said...

her and josephine are just awesome. when you put them up on imagekind, will they have the dates within the picture?

Kelly Light said...

should they?

Brian said...

Wow. This one's a knock-out. Never mind it's my absolute favorite period look for women. The long dresses, delightful hair and the curves!

My wife would own this look.

Just great stuff Kelly.

Oh, my .02... leave the years off the prints please. Nothing should detract from the piece. If you want to hang a little 2x4 inch sign below it giving some info, okay, but not on the print. Let the art speak for itself upon first viewing.

LillyZoo said...

Oh I love Ms.1930 She is so glamorous!

Dee said...

I think these would be great for editorial fashion work! So much oomph to 'em. :)

I agree with Brian- no dates directly on the work.