Saturday, November 14, 2009

Holiday promo

figuring out color

refined chicken scratch

Working on a holiday quicker picker-upper postcard. First step- chicken scratch.

Xmas music before Thanksgiving!!? - How could I!?? We have a rule here in the Light house - no Christmas music before Thanksgiving. Because I tend to sing it all year long- and play it continuously from Thanksgiving to Xmas: I need to cut my poor jewish husband some slack.

But I need a little Christmas- right this very minute! Not just to do this drawing- but it's comforting- and happy. And these days- we need more of that. I try not to watch the news- I listen to NPR instead. But it seeps in doesn't it? Phone calls from school about a near abduction of 3 girls in our town - swine flu - no flu shots - the war - the political fiascos....

It all makes me want to have cocoa- wear feetie pajamas and listen to Nat King Cole sing about chestnuts and Yuletide carols..

I don't want your Black Fridays and your door busting deals. No more deluge of catalogs breaking my mailbox- they go straight into recycling! You can keep the insanity away for me this Christmas - Santa. No big expensive pile of stuff under that tree. I want to lie down under a silver tree with a color wheel spinning and dream .


Heather Powers said...

I find the same kind of comfort in Christmas. Thanks for sharing the holiday tunes, it's just what I needed to brighten my mood this morning!

ColonelErnie said...

all that christmas music and no Muppets? Do you not own the John Denver/Muppets christmas album?

Kelly Light said...

I don't own the John Denver /Muppet Christmas album!!!- I should!

jbribryson said...

I love the concept of this sketch Kelly. Nice!

I haven't visited in a while, i'm stealing a moment before the school load up.

Brian B